Koove - présentation du tablier de protection universel
The Koove is an universal apron for passengers and drivers that protects against bad weather, cold and rain.

Fleece-lined with high density on the inside and a waterproof fabric on the outside, the Koove guaranties remarkable driving comfort for short or long distance journeys.

A real alternative that allies the advantages of waterproof pants and a scooter apron, the Koove is set in a scale of various colours and materials, its innovative aerodynamic design brings a new urban driving experience.

Motorcycle or scooter, the Koove is a universal garment that fits every use.
Designed by Jean NGUYEN
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Prix et Nomination :
1 - Etoile de l'Observeur du Design13 (France)
2 - German Design Award - Nominee 2014 (Allemagne)