Koove - histoire du tablier de protection universel
Graduate of Applied Arts and product designer by trade, Jean NGUYEN is specialised in 3D shaping. From Bezier curves or polygonal geometrics he creates objects and computer graphics, and accompanies creating professionals at the heart of innovation.

Koove’s history starts one night in November 2008 by crossing Paris on scooter. His partner, who wore a simple jean, drew his attention to the fact that it was more and more difficult to stand the cold, even on short distances.

Being a dressmaker’s son he designs naturally a first prototype, which, one thing leading to another, will lead to a novel product having new functionalities. Because of his technical demanding attitude to structure the garment, the Koove’s aerodynamic form will turn out as his brand mark.

Waterproof, breathable and hot, the Koove is the ideal partner for all your trips.
Designed by Jean NGUYEN
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Prix et Nomination :
1 - Etoile de l'Observeur du Design13 (France)
2 - German Design Award - Nominee 2014 (Allemagne)