Koove - caractéristiques du tablier de protection universel

Handy and ergonomic, the Koove is an individual protection that protects the legs and the foundation and is attached on belt level with a Velcro strip. Its conception insures the waterproof and the preservation of the heat. Contrary to waterproof pants, the Koove is a garment that breathes.

The little extras that change everything:
  • The Koove is worn like a garment contrary to a classic apron that is attached at the two wheels and that might be vandalized or stolen. For the purist’s biggest pleasure it doesn’t spoil their vehicle’s aestheticism.
  • It’s innovative design clings to the outline in sitting position and guaranties a maximal protection (thigh sides, feet, ankle, bottom of the back and haunches).
  • The Koove is easily attached and loosened; about 15 seconds are enough. Once loosened, it can be fold up and put into a small bag.
  • The Koove is machine washable in cold wash cycle.
Designed by Jean NGUYEN
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Prix et Nomination :
1 - Etoile de l'Observeur du Design13 (France)
2 - German Design Award - Nominee 2014 (Allemagne)